Improve understanding of the bi-directional causality relationship between asthma outcomes and adherence

This study intends to explore:

  • To what extent and in what context adherence may be considered an asthma outcome, or/and a predictor of asthma outcomes by conducting an observational study designed to investigate the bi-directional relationship between database markers of asthma treatment adherence and asthma control (i.e. What is the impact of adherence, and change in adherence, on asthma outcomes, and vice versa?).
  • Clinically meaningful adherence and outcomes thresholds will be explored by treating them as continuous variables and estimating linear/nonlinear relationships and meaningful cut-off points.

Lead Investigator:
Gene Colice
Research Team:
David Price
Alexandra Dima
Hilary Pinnock
Iain Small
Cynthia Rand
Michelle Eakin
Janet Holbrook
Miguel Román Rodríguez
Eric van Ganse
Nemr Eid
Randy Brown
Alison Chisholm
Status: Active Study
Support: Respiratory Effectiveness Group
Registration: ENCEPP/SDPP/489
Documents and Publications:
Final Publications
Additional Material

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