Pool expertise to generate clinical management recommendations tailored to different attitudinal patient profiles with a view to optimising adherence to prescribed therapies

The aim of this study is to use the Delphi process to improve understanding of attitudes to asthma and its management within the attitudinal control clusters of REALISETM Asia, and to use these learnings to generate a number of asthma care recommendations with a view to improving asthma outcomes within the region.

Lead Investigators:
Professor David Price and Alison Chisholm
Research Team:
Professor Dahn-Warng Perng
Professor Sang-Heong Cho
Professor Camilo Roa
Professor David-Wang
Professor Liam Chong Kin

Status: Active Study
Support: Mundipharma Pte / Asia
Documents and Publications:
Abstracts: APSR 2015 Poster Presentation
Final Publication 
Additional Material

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