Develop tools to support real-life research involving patients with a mixed asthma-COPD phenotype

The aim of the study is to inform standardised methods for future Asthma-COPD-Overlap (ACO) observational research, the study aims to: test various smoking-related ACO population definitions (based on previous evidence), evaluating their respective prevalence and agreement (i) within and (ii) between a number of national and international research-quality databases.

Lead Investigator:
Jerry Krishnan, Nicolas Roche
Research Team:
Database Leads
Optimum Patient Care Research Database:
David Price, Victoria Carter
Dutch Asthma/COPD Service database:
Janwillem Kocks, Marc Miravitlles
Adelphi Respiratory Database:
Mark Small, James Bailey
MAJOrca Real-world Investigation in COPD and Asthma database (MAJORICA):
Miguel Román, Job van Boven
REG Research Leads
Alison Chisholm, Anjan Nibber
Involved in protocol development and potential results interpretation and dissemination:
Alan Kaplan, Akki Niimi, Caroline Gouder, Claus Vogelmeier, Dirkje Postma, Eric Bateman, Emilio Pizzichini, Eric van Ganse, Joan Soriano, Guy Brusselle, Leif Bjermer, Ronald Dandurand, Richard Costello.

Status: Planned Study, Seeking Funding

Documents and Publications:
Final Publications
Additional Material

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