Evaluate the burden of allergic disease study from multi-stakeholder (primary care, secondary care, pharmacy) perspectives

Rationale: a substantial proportion of patients with allergic disease do not present in primary care; instead purchase OTC therapies from the pharmacy. To understand the true burden of allergic disease there is a need to evaluate the burden of allergic disease presenting in the pharmacy setting as well as in clinical practice.

  • Improve understanding of the true burden of allergic disease
  • Gain evidence to inform improved consumer guidance in the future

Study approach:

  • Questionnaire based study within the pharmacy setting
  • Target a large patient/buyer group with standardised survey questions
  • Collect data digitally (i.e. via computer or iPad ± use of patient incentives)

Lead Investigator:
Dermot Ryan, Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich, Aji Barot

Research Team:
Status: Proposed Study
Documents and Publications:
Final Publications
Additional Material

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