Validate outcome definitions and methodologies use in observational asthma research

The aim of this study is to validate a series of objective asthma control measures that have been used in published real-life respiratory research. The outcome measures will be compared and contrasted to patient-reported outcomes and/or gold-standard, validated asthma control tools and measures (as appropriate). Where possible, their validity, responsiveness and predictive value will also be assessed and a rank order of outcomes (and possibly hierarchical modelling) will be established to aid in appropriate outcome selection for future studies.

Lead Investigator:
Richard Martin
Research Team:
David Price, Alex Dima, Alan Kaplan, Gene Colice, Todor Popov, Janet Holbrook, Emilio Pizzichini, Nikos Papadopoulos, Guy Brusselle, Helen Reddel, Professor David Price, Julie von Ziegenweidt, Annie Burden, Vicky Thomas, Muzammil Ali, Liz Hillyer.

Status: Active Study
Support: Respiratory Effectiveness Group
Registration: ENCePP: ENCEPP/SDPP/4860
Documents and Publications:
Final Publications
Additional Material

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