Future Asthma Risk (FAR) Calculator

Developed by the Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG)

This is an asthma risk prediction tool to assist in quantifying patients' likelihood of future asthma attacks.

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About the tool

Asthma is a very common disease globally, and has a wide variety of manifestations and courses. However, any individual with asthma may experience a relatively rapid deterioration in their symptoms and measurements of their lung function (such as peak flow readings) that does not resolve with use of their reliever inhaler. These asthma attacks (severe exacerbations) are a common reason for seeking medical attention and often have long-lasting effects on an individual’s lungs and mental health. Sadly, they continue to be a preventable cause of loss of life, particularly in low and middle income countries. They are also costly, both for healthcare providers and for the individual who is taken away from work or study.

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