About Us

The Respiratory Effectiveness Group is an investigator-led, not-for-profit research initiative that has been set up in recognition of the potential value of real-life research and the need to harness real-life evidence to inform meaningful practice guidelines, drug licensing and prescribing decisions.

Aims & Ambitions 

The group aims to harness the growing momentum in real-life respiratory research and to:
  • Provide leadership and setting research standards.
  • Provide examples of excellence in real-life research.
  • Evaluate mechanisms for integrating real-life research appropriately into clinical practice guidelines
  • Evaluate how real-life research findings can be appropriately incorporated into clinical practice.
  • Provide ethical review and registration of real-life research study protocols.
  • Communicate best practice standards in real-life research.
  • Engage licensing authorities to ensure real-life research is appropriately incorporated into drug licensing and post-marketing appraisal processes and into national and international health strategies.
  • Work collaboratively with organisations (guideline bodies, research organisations and beyond)  committed to the shared-goals of the group.