ADEPT Committee

Committee Chair:

Dr Daryl Freeman


  • George Christoff
  • Andrew McIvor
  • Mark FitzGerald
  • Todor Popov
  • Richard Russell
  • John Blakey
  • Omar Usmani
  • Nicolas Roche
  • Patrick Souverein
  • Bernardino Alcazar
  • Mihaela Stefan
  • Jenni Quint
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Elizabeth Kern
  • Job van Boven
  • Miguel Roman-Rodríguez
  • Fabrizio Luppi
  • Jens Søndergaard
  • Aji Barot
  • Alexandra Dima

The Anonymised Data Ethics & Protocol Transparency (ADEPT) Committee is commissioned by the Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG) to review database research protocols for their scientific quality and rigour. To date, the Committee has reviewed protocols for the OPCRD, iHARP and NOSTRADATA. The Committee’s aim is to ensure database research is clinically appropriate and continues to bring genuine value to patients, public health and healthcare.

The committee seeks counsel from a wide range of independent researchers with appropriate clinical, statistical, epidemiological and/or database expertise.

The ADEPT review process involves evaluation of database protocols in terms of their fulfilment of the following key criteria:

  • Practice and patient confidentiality will be maintained
  • There is a well-defined hypothesis or clear question to be addressed
  • The proposed databases are suitable for the research
  • The methodology is considered appropriate and robust
  • There is scientific and academic rigor

Each protocol is assigned to 2-3 members of the committee for review, and further reviewed by the committee chairperson. Reviews are requested within 2-weeks of receipt.

Please see link below for the most up to date Standard Operating Procedure.

ADEPT_Standard Operating Procedure 001_V1.3_01082017

Applications may be submitted to the ADEPT Secretariat at any time.

To submit protocols, questionnaires and CVs please download the ADEPT Study Proposal Application Form_V2.1_24012016

and submit online using the form below.