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What is the Respiratory Effectiveness Group?

The Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG) is a not-for-profit, investigator-lead initiative established by international experts in real-life and comparative effectiveness research to set the agenda and raise the profile of the field.

The members of REG believe that an international, collaborative approach is required to develop a unified approach to real-life research to improve and set quality standards and to understanding the optimum role of real-life data in informing meaningful clinical practice guidelines, drug licensing and post-marketing surveillance processes and improved patient care in respiratory medicine.

A changing research landscape

The traditional research hierarchy – a thing of the past…?

Due to their high internal validity, classical randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are considered to be the gold standard in evaluating the efficacy and short-term safety of new therapeutic interventions and are currently at the core of the drug licensing process.

Yet RCTs are designed to include tightly-controlled, well-characterised patient populations so as to minimise confounders. The resultant highly characterised trial population represents only a subgroup of the broadly heterogeneous respiratory patient population treated in everyday clinical practice…