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Am I eligible?

Central to the success of the Respiratory Effectiveness Group is the quality of our collaborators. The invitation to work with REG is open to all academics, researchers, clinicians and allied professionals working, or with an interests, in real-life research. Simply contact us at

What do I have to do?


A founding principle of REG is that it will be owned and run by its collaborators. The work we undertake is the work our collaborators feel is of greatest value to the field. We welcome suggestions from you all for: studiescommunication opportunitieseducational activities, and anything else you think could be a valuable use of the group’s expertise and resource. [custom_frame_left]

[/custom_frame_left] To ensure the group is dynamic and proactive we’ve appointed a Management Group, led by our founding member David Price. The Management Group will set the agenda and lead on the overall strategy for the group but the goal will be to share the REG workload among as many of our collaborators as possible – drawing on expertise from everyone involved and disseminating our ethos and research findings as widely as possible. Everyone who contributes their time and efforts to REG will be recognised as authors of that work.


Collaborators are kept up-to-date with current and future REG activities (via newsletters, emails, telecons, twitter and Linked in group discussions) and anyone interested in working on a praticular project is invited to get in touch.
The only obligatory duties of our members is to:
1. Tell others people (colleagues, potential sponsors, etc) about the group and our activities so that we can spread our work as widely as possible.
2. Share their ideas for studies with the rest of the group.

Who would I be working with?

The REG Steering Committee is made up of leading respiratory clinicians and researchers from around the world, all interested in real-life research and committed to collaborating on REG activities (research, communication, education, lobbying) to elevate the field of real-life research and address the pressing questions in the field:

REG Collaborators 0815 REG Collaborators 08152

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