Abstracts from REG 2016 Summit published in Journal of Thoracic Disease Special Issue

A Special Issue of the Journal of Thoracic Disease featuring abstracts from the REG 2016 Summit is now available.


The abstracts featured within this issue include examples of how real-world study methodologies can and are being used to:

  • Quantify real-world and characterize respiratory conditions;
  • Characterize real-world diagnostic and Management practices;
  • Validate objective and patient-reported clinical and research tools.

They also illustrate how RWE can be used to: explore and characterize adherence behaviours and inhaler device technique challenges and to evaluate: risk and its management; differential clinical outcomes associated with real-world management approaches and cost implications associated with specific conditions, treatment approaches, socioeconomic factors and comorbidities.

Access the special issue here: http://jtd.amegroups.com/issue/view/185

Zoe Mitchell


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