Standards for Reporting Implementation Studies (StaRI) Statement

The Standards for Reporting Implementation Studies (StaRI) Group has just published its statement in the BMJ – an elaboration document will be published in BMJ Open shortly.
The StaRI Checklist has 27 items which prompts researchers to describe the effectiveness of both the implementation strategy and the intervention that was being implemented.
Implementation Science employs a range of study designs to develop and evaluate implementation strategies with the aim of enhancing adoption and sustainability of effective interventions. The StaRI group hope that improving the reporting of implementation studies will facilitate translation of effective interventions into routine practice, ultimately to benefit the health of individuals and populations

The StaRI statement is aligned to REG objectives of driving quality standards in the field of real-life research, meaningful clinical practice guidelines and improved patient care. As such we are delighted to publicise this important work on our site.

Catherine Hutton


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