Quantify the burden of acute versus chronic rhinosinusitis in routine clinical practice

To date, there is limited data on the primary care burden of rhinosinusitis.  In addition, the management of patients with chronic vs. acute disease by GPs remains unclear.

Previous pilot work completed using primary care practice data in the Netherlands, was unsuccessful due to an inability to differentiate between acute and chronic disease.

Using data from the UK’s Optimum Patient Care Research Database, assess the incidence of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis in current clinical practice.

From the exploratory analysis, an algorithm will be generated, which can be used to differentiate between acute and chronic rhinosinusitis.

Lead Investigator:

Wytske Fokkens

Research Team:

Anjan Nibber

Alison Chisholm

Peter Hellings

David Price

Status: Active

Support: REG, Research in Real Life, Optimum Patient Care

Registration: ADEPT 1216

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