REG Author Information

Question: is yours an REG study?

If you are an author wondering if yours is an "REG study", please read the definitions below. If either applies to your work, please take a moment to read the information about the Manuscript Review Committee and how they support the publication of REG studies.

REG studies fall into two key categories:

  • If a study is initiated and 100% funded by REG, use:
    • A. Uthor et al on behalf of REG
  • If a study is conceived external to REG (e.g,. by a university research team), but seeks some sort of support (e.g. data provision; protocol review and development; expert input, analysis funding, etc), use:
    • A. Uthor et al in collaboration with REG.

Role of the Manuscript Review Committee

REG's Manuscript Review Committee has been appointed to help ensure all REG original research publications are consistent within and between each other, acknowledge the role of REG within the study process, and describe real-life research data in a standard and meaningful way so as to aid reviewers and readers in their interpretation of the data. The committee have developed simple guidelines for the referencing of REG's support; suggestions for consistency when describing the real-life data sources and methods used.s yours an REG study?

Pre-submission, the committee offer a light-touch (rapid) style review and, following publication, will collect and collate author's feedback on any barriers they met (and solutions they implemented) on the path to publishing their REG / REG-supported study with a view to sharing learnings within the research community.

Manuscript Review Committee

The Committee’s role will comprise the following key steps:

  • REG Publications lead will share a copy of the REG Author Guidelines with the lead author of all REG abstracts accepted for conference presentation • Authors will incorporate the recommendations within their draft manuscripts
  • Pre-submission drafts of research papers will be sent to the Manuscript review Committee (via the REG Publications Lead) to allow a light-touch review (against REG author guidelines only) to be conducted (within 10 days).
  • Authors will be encouraged to incorporate the committee’s recommendations in their draft prior to submission
  • Following manuscript acceptance, paper authors will be asked to complete the short Manuscript Summary table to enable the Committee to capture key information about publications and the publication process.