Assessment of the National Jewish Health Rehab Programme using Medicare

Title: Evaluating the impact of the National Jewish Health pulmonary rehab program for patients with COPD using Medicare data

Lead Investigator: Elizabeth Kern, National Jewish Health, Denver, Colorado, USA
Sponsor: The Respiratory Effectiveness Group
Status: Protocol in development.
Research Team: The research team will be made up of an international group of leading respiratory researchers, a combination of researchers from National Jewish Health (NJH) and the Respiratory Effectiveness Group.

  • Elizabeth Kern, NJH, USA
  • Richard Martin, NJH, USA
  • Chris Forkner, NJH, USA
  • Ted Wade, NJH, USA
  • David Price, UK
  • Other REG collaborators TBC at time of writing


Aims and objectives

  • To conduct a quality improvement study using Medicare outcomes data to evaluate the impact of the NJH pulmonary rehab program for patients with COPD.
  • Using the Medicare data, evaluate (qualitatively and quantitatively) the clinical and cost outcomes associated with COPD and to mirror and compare and contrast these outcomes using a UK database.

Contact us at if you are interested in collaborating on this study, or would like to find out further information about the protocol.

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