Asthma risk predictors

Lead Investigator:
Mike Thomas, University of Southampton, UK.

Research Team:

The research team will be made up of an international group of leading respiratory researchers, all members of the Respiratory Effectiveness Group.

  • Ian Pavord, UK
  • Alan Kaplan, Canada
  • Dirkje Postma, The Netherlands
  • David Price, UK
  • Cindy Rand, USA
  • Gene Colice, USA
  • Alberto Papi, Italy
  • John Blakey, UK
  • Lynn Josephs, UK
  • Todor Popov, Bulgaria
  • Janet Holbrook, USA
  • Hilary Pinnock, UK
  • Iain Small, UK
  • Emillio Pizzichini, Brazil
  • Alex Dima, Netherlands
  • Vibeke Backer, Denmark
  • Samantha Walker, UK
  • Borislav Dimitrov, UK

Status: OngoingSupport:

The study is co-sponsored by the Respiratory Effectiveness Group (data analysis and publication) and by Research in Real Life (data provision)Ethical approval: 

Approved by the Annonymised Data Ethics and Transparency (ADEPT) Committee (ref. protocol 2.7)


Registered on the European Medicines Agency’s ENCePP E-registry, reference ENCEPP/SDPP/4869

Short Description:

  • Hypothesis: Some asthma patients experience multiple exacerbations, which are associated with an impact on health-related quality of life and prognosis.  It may be possible to identify these patients using routine data collected in primary care.
  • Aims:
    • To undertake a descriptive analysis of longitudinal patient data. Prescribed oral steroid courses will be mapped for all asthma patients over a 5-year period.
    • Investigation of individual patient characteristics associated with the frequent (and also infrequent) asthma exacerbation phenotype (vs controls)
    • Multivariate modelling to weight individual characteristics and identify a possible composite group of characteristics strongly associated with frequent (and infrequent) asthma exacerbations (that could be used to inform a clinical decision support tool)




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