Ciclesonide Study: Comparison of propensity score matching approaches

Lead Investigator:

Professor David Price, General Practice Airways Group Professor of Primary Care Respiratory Medicine, Chief investigator

Research Team:

  • Richard Martin, Denver, Colorado, USA,
  • Dirkje Postma, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Nicholas Roche, Paris, France
  • Richard Dekhuijzen, The Netherlands
  • Wim van Aalderen, The Netherlands
  • Thys van der Molen, The Netherlands
  • Catherine Hutton
  • Annie Burden
  • Kathryn Richardson
  • Vicky Thomas
  • Julie von Ziegenweidt
  • Cristiana Miglio
  • Daniela van Eickels, Regional medical Director respiratory, Emerging Markets Medical Affairs, Takeda International.
  • Mona Khalid, Associate Director, Global Outcomes and Epidemiology Research.

Status: Active

Support: Takeda


Short Description:

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of Ciclesonide, an extra-fine (EF) ICS, compared to standard particle (SP) ICS therapies. This will be carried out in asthma patients in the Netherlands, using the PHARMO database ( Patients will be characterised at baseline (one year) and analysed for treatment effectiveness (in terms of asthma control) over a one-year outcome period.

We will investigate the effects of starting a therapy with either Ciclesonide or SP- ICS (initiation cohort). The effects of increasing doses (≥50%) as either Ciclesonide or SP-ICS may also be evaluated as a separate cohort (step-up cohort), but a decision on whether analysing this cohort or not will be made based on review of the results obtained for the initiation cohort

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