Smoking cessation: real-life safety

Lead Investigator:

David Price, University of Aberdeen

Research Team:

  • David Price, UK
  • Annie Burden, UK
  • Richard Martin, USA
  • Alan Kaplan, Canada
  • Joergen Vestbo, Denmark
  • Tarita Murray-Thomas, UK

Status: Active


The Respiratory Effectiveness Group



Short Description:

  • Matched cohort study to evaluate cardiovascular disease risk following exposure to pharmacological smoking cessation interventions in a real-life UK primary care population
  • Exposed patients:
    • Smokers with no past history of CVD whose first recorded smoking cessation intervention was a cessation attempt assisted by one of the following pharmacological smoking cessation interventions at NRT as any, or a combination, of
      –transdermal patches
      –nasal spray
      –gum and tablets
    • Other pharmacological smoking cessation interventions (e.g. bupropion, varenicline).
  • Non-exposed patients: smokers with no past history of CVD or prior cessation attempts whose first recorded smoking cessation intervention involved receipt of smoking cessation advice (not pharmacological therapy)


Documents and Publications

  • Protocol
  • Abstracts
  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Final publications

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