State of the union: Current asthma morbidity in the UK

Lead Researcher: Anjan Nibber, RiRL

Research Team:

  • Mike Thomas
  • Vicky Thomas
  • Wim van Aalderen
  • Eugene Bleecker
  • Jonathan Campbell
  • Nicolas Roche
  • John Haughney
  • Eric Van Ganse
  • Hye-Yun Park
  • Chin Kook Rhee
  • Derek Skinner
  • Alison Chisholm
  • Job FM van Boven
  • Joan B. Soriano
  • David Price

Status: Active


  • Teva
  • Research in Real-Life

Registration: ENCEPP – EU PAS Register Number EUPAS8740

Short Description:

Questionnaire-based surveys report that uncontrolled asthma is common in Europe, and associated with high healthcare costs. The relationship between treatment step control are less well described. The aim of the study was to quantify the asthma burden within routine primary care in the UK, specifically the distribution of asthma control across guideline-recommended management steps and the association between patients’ control and smoking status.

Patients were retrospectively identified using the Optimum Patient Care Research Database and prospectively followed-up for at least 1-year. Patients’ routine clinical data and self reports were used to assess GINA control status; clinical records were used to categorise current treatment by GINA management steps and patients’ smoking status.

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