App Development: integration of iHARP and REALISE Asia learnings

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Research Team:Status: Active Project

Support: Mundipharma


Short Description:

The proposed project is to build an app and integrated digital platform to improve asthma-patient care. Combining respiratory expertise with ground-breaking practical technology, the app would aim to integrate multi-dimensional assessment – patient attitudinal profiling; control assessment; inhaler technique assessment – and training in a more holistic and effective way.

The tool would aim to improve physician-patient interaction and communications by providing additional training and feedback / follow-up data for clinicians. The functionality of the app will:

  • Provide inhaler education around 7 key steps and common errors to support more successful administration of medication;
  • Use “augmented reality”, i.e. blend information over digital reality to provide educational tools;
  • Utilise the ubiquity and capacity of smartphones to provide immediate corrective measures.

The app would not only support both clinicians and patients with education across all devices, but would also show which device fails across patients and the need for new inhalers


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