Asthma state of treatment: asthma control and metabolic consequences

Lead Researcher:

David Price, Professor of Primary Care Respiratory Medicine, University of Aberdeen, UK

Research Team:Status: Planned Study, Seeking Funding



Short Description:

A historical cohort study assessing the current state of asthma control following the GINA guideline on the management of asthma, evaluating the effectiveness of as-needed regimens of combination therapy and studying metabolic effects of the long-term use of high-dose inhaled corticosteroids in a UK primary care population.

The objectives of the study are to:

  1. Characterise the state of asthma treatment and associated patterns of control in a UK primary care population across guideline recommended (GINA) treatment steps by:
    1. Describing asthma control of patients on different treatment options at each GINA management step
    2. Quantifying “excessive” use of SABA and associated control at each GINA step
    3. Evaluate the prevalence of poor adherence to ICS therapy and it’s impact on asthma control
  2. Evaluate whether entirely flexible dosing of FDC low dose ICS + LABA provides better asthma control than an increase of the dose of ICS alone as maintenance therapy
  3. Evaluate whether FDC low dose ICS + LABA as MART provides better asthma control than FDC low dose ICS + LABA as maintenance treatment plus as-needed SABA
  4. Explore the association between sustained high dose ICS and metabolic consequences in UK asthma patients treated in routine primary care


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