Development of a Longitudinal Asthma Treatment Step Algorithm and Association with Asthma Outcomes

Lead Investigator:

Dr. Jonathan D. Campbell, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO; USA

Research Team:

Dr Alexandra DimaStatus: Planned Study, Seeking Funding



Short Description:

The proposed research will aid in a better characterization of treatment step patterns (not merely the patient’s current treatment step) and the patterns’ association with patient characteristics and asthma outcomes. This study will shed light on the subpopulation of patients that are not well managed with existing treatment as well as inform future guidelines in terms of whether or not to include treatment step history in the decision making related to stepping up or down. This type of dynamic treatment pattern study could also be used to help industry better position their pipeline products where there are current gaps in treatment including those at both tails of the treatment step continuum. As a future line of research, the treatment step algorithms could be mapped to standard claims databases in other populations (those without lung function or other characteristics).

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