Triple Therapy in COPD

Lead Investigator: v

Alberto Papi: Professor of Respiratory Medicine at University of Ferrara , Italy

Research Team:

  • David Price: Primary Care Respiratory Society UK, Professor of Primary Care Respiratory Medicine, Academic Primary Care, Division of Applied Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK and Founding Member of the Respiratory Effectiveness Group, Cambridge, UK
  • Alison Chisholm: REG Research & Publiations Lead, Cambridge, UK
  • Annie Burden: Senior Statistician, Research in Real Life Ltd, Cambridge, UK

Status: Seeking Funding



Short Description:

The primary aim of the proposed study is to evaluate the effect of adding LAMA to existing ICS/LABA therapy on COPD exacerbations (exacerbation rates) in a routine care population.

The potential role of eosinophils as a marker of LAMA treatment response will also be evaluated by stratifying results by blood eosinophil count.

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