REG Kick-Off Meeting at the ATS

Meeting: ATS 2013 REG Collaborator Meeting

Date / Venue: 19 May 2013, Philadelphia

The REG collaborators met in Philadelphia for the first time since the initaitive started in the autumn of last year.

The meeting comprised two sessions:

  • An OPEN REVIEW SESSION which looked back at the motivation for the initiative, what’s been achieved  and what activities are underway.
    • Potential partners and funders were invited to this session find out more about the group, it’s planned activities and direction of travel. There was representation in the room from Novartis, AstraZeneca, Aerocrine, GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim, Almirall, Kyorin, Mundipharma and Takeda.
  • The second session of the morning involved REG collaborators only and was designed as a DISCUSSION & DEBATE SESSION on the need for QUALITY STANDARDS for REG and integrating real-life data into GUIDELINES:
    • Time restrictions and enthusiastic discussions meant the closed session  focussed primarily on the importance of defining quality standards for real-life research and finding an integrated way of viewing the therapeutic evidence base.
    • Full discussion of collaborators’ own real-life research activities and thoughts about how best to achieve better integration of real-life research into clinical practice guidelines will be the focus of the next collaborator meetings at the ERS later this year.


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  • AGENDA: Full agenda details are summarised below and a pdf of the meeting invitation and agenda can be seen here.
  • SLIDES: Please click on the appropriate links below to download the relevant meeting slides
  • MEETING REPORT: In development, please visit again soon


    7.30–8.15am: Open session



    Research Activities & available datasets:

    Communication activities:



    8.15–10.00am: Closed Session



    Examples of real-life research from around the room:

    • Shared interests, ideas, experiences and challenges of working with real-life data: All collaborators

    Standards for real-life research

    • Publishing benchmarks, evaluating evidence grading and establishing “quality assurance checklists”: Nicolas Roche, Hôtel-Dieu, Paris, France

    “Gaining Guideline Status”

    • Spanish COPD Guidelines (GesEPOC): an example of how real-life data can be incorporated into the guidelines: Marc Miravitlles, Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Spain
    • Where do the asthma guidelines need tweaking? Stephen P. Peters, Wake Forest School of Medicine, USA
    • Thoughts on incorporating real-life study results into guidelines: Eric Bateman, University of Cape Town, South Africa
    • How can (and should) real-life data be incorporated to improve the practicality and relevance of respiratory guidelines? Group Debate


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