Role of Exhaled Breath Temperature (EBT) in the monitoring of asthma and COPD

EBT decreases over the Asthma – COPD spectrum in stable disease proportional to the reduction of the airways vascular bed; however, fluctuations in diseases activity over time will be different between the two extremes (Asthma & COPD) in terms of variability of the daily measurements (similar to peak expiratory flow (PEF)-metry) and during exacerbations; intermediate group(s) of patients may shape up corresponding to intermediate (ACOS) phenotype(s).
This project examines whether daily measurement of exhaled breath temperature (EBT) under standardized ICS-LABA treatment will identify intermediate phenotypes along the asthma – COPD spectrum?
Lead Investigator:
Todor Popov
Research Team:
Status: Proposed Study, Seeking Funding
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Final Publications
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