ACO Working Group


  • Jerry Krishnan – Lead
  • Nicholas Roche (Co-lead)
  • David Price
  • Claus Vogelmeier
  • Guy Brusselle
  • Marc Miravitlles
  • Lief Bjermer
  • Willem (Wim) van Aalderen
  • Jan Willem Kocks
  • Victoria Carter
  • Eric van Ganse
  • Chin Kook Rhee
  • Zuzana Diamant
  • Anjan Nibber
  • Akio Niimi
  • Ted Popov


The latest meeting of the ACO Working Group took place in Amsterdam at the REG Summit 2018.

ACO Working Group REG Summit 2018


Work Plan

Only formally recognised by GINA/GOLD for the first time in 2014, ACO is an area of growing research interest and one particularly “ripe” for real-life research given the typical exclusion of asthma patients form COPD RCTs and vice versa. Although the 2014 GINA/GOLD joint ACO statement is a first step towards recognising and defining the syndrome, the ACO Working Group felt the GOLD/GINA definition is limited because it lacks specificity and does not differentiate between the types of ACO clinicians see in routine clinical practice. The REG ACO Working Group is still relatively new and initial activities are focussing on:

  • Identifying database resources for ACO research;
  • Identifying the key initial research questions and reviewing possible study designs to answer them.

There are a number of studies the working group is interested in pursuing with a view to:

  • Better characterising ACO as an entity;
  • Evaluating ICS treatment response in ACO (and opportunities for ICS dose reduction in non responders);
  • The role of eNO as a biomarker for ACO, predictor of ICS treatment response and guide for ICS withdrawal, as well as its potential role to guide optimum treatment of exacerbations (e.g. oral steroids vs antibiotics).

Working Group Documents

File Sharing

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