Allergy Working Group

Allergy Working Group

Allergy Working Group


  • Peter Hellings – Lead
  • Moises Calderon
  • Antonella Muraro
  • Ludger Klimek
  • Pete Smith
  • Simon Carney
  • Richard Harvey
  • Pascal Demoly
  • Wytske Fokkens
  • Glenis Scadding
  • Claus Bachert
  • Lars Olaf Cardell
  • Ralph Mosges
  • Magnus Wickman
  • G Walter Canonica
  • Erkka Valovirta
  • Joaquim Mullol
  • Phil Lieberman
  • Eli Meltzer
  • Dermot Ryan
  • Hae-Sim Park
  • Martin Church


The most recent meeting took place during the REG Summit 2018 in Amsterdam.

Allergy WG REG Summit 2018

Work Plan

The working group is currently collating research ideas following an inaugural meeting in June 2015 and is currently prioritising its core activities to reflect the opportunities to examine allergy within real-life respiratory research in a context that will benefit patient care and inform future guidelines.

Working Group Documents

File Sharing

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