Allergy Working Group

Allergy Working Group

Allergy Working Group


  • Moises Calderon - Lead
  • Peter Hellings
  • Antonella Muraro
  • Ludger Klimek
  • Pete Smith
  • Simon Carney
  • Richard Harvey
  • Pascal Demoly
  • Wytske Fokkens
  • Glenis Scadding
  • Claus Bachert
  • Lars Olaf Cardell
  • Ralph Mosges
  • Magnus Wickman
  • G Walter Canonica
  • Erkka Valovirta
  • Joaquim Mullol
  • Phil Lieberman
  • Eli Meltzer
  • Dermot Ryan
  • Hae-Sim Park
  • Martin Church


The most recent meeting took place during the REG Summit 2018 in Amsterdam.

Allergy WG REG Summit 2018

Work Plan

The Working Group examines allergy within real-life respiratory research that will benefit patient care and inform future guidelines.

Working Group Documents

File Sharing

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