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  • Marc Miravitlles - Lead
  • Dermot Ryan
  • Richard Costello
  • Nicolas Roche
  • Alberto Papi
  • Juan José Soler
  • Faisal Yunus
  • Bernardino Alcazar Navarrete
  • David Price
  • David Halpin
  • Helgo Magnussen
  • Akio Niimi
  • Joan Soriano


The latest meeting of the COPD Working Group took place in Amsterdam during the REG Summit 2018.

COPD Working Group REG Summit 2018

COPD Working Group Meeting

Work Plan

With a population of patients with the same level of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) severity individual patients may experience very different symptoms and daily activity limitation. In their recent paper in the International Journal of COPD, Soler-Cataluña et al proposed the concept of control to characterize to help define the current clinical “situation” of the patient and to provide some guidance as to optimum management.

The authors define controls as a composite of two variables: (low) impact and stability. Impact refers to the clinical status at a specific moment in time. In contrast, stability is a dynamic term that refers to the temporal evolution of this impact. The interaction of these two elements of the patient’s disease state combine to provide an evaluation of “COPD control”.

The REG COPD Working Group is conducting a multi-centre prospective validation study to examine the clinical validity and utility of the concept, specifically in terms of predicting outcomes and guiding on-going COPD management (and/or whether the measure may benefit from further refinement).

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