Cough Working Group


Lorcan McGarvey (Lead)

John Haughney

Jacky Smith

Alyn Morice

Ian Pavord

Surinder Birring

Fan Chung

Daryl Freeman


The last meeting of the Cough Working Group was held during the REG Summit 2018 in Amsterdam.

Cough Working Group REG Summit 2018


Work Plan

Chronic cough is a common clinical problem encountered by doctors in both general and hospital practice, it often persists for many months or years as a comorbid problem accompanying chronic disease, and remains difficult to manage. The first study to be conducted by the new Cough Working Group, led by Dr Lorcan McGarvey, aims to assess epidemiological pattern and burden of chronic cough, including long-term patient outcomes.


Planned Studies Seeking Funding

Active Studies

Identifying clinical characteristics associated with a diagnosis of chronic cough in UK general practice’




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