Databases and Coding Working Group


  • Katia Verhamme – Lead
  • Jennifer Quint
  • Victoria Carter
  • Janwillem Kocks
  • David Price
  • Alexandra Dima
  • Patrick Souverein
  • Eric van Ganse
  • Aji Barot
  • Alan Kaplan
  • Dermot Ryan
  • Faisal Yunus
  • Helen Reddel
  • Job van Boven
  • Lynn Josephs
  • Mike Thomas
  • Mohsen Satafadasavi

The latest meeting took place in September 2015 at the time of the ERS Congress in Amsterdam
Databases & Coding Working Group Meeting Minutes

Work Plan

The key focus of the group so far is to develop an inventory of respiratory research databases to aid respiratory researchers in identification of the optimum data source for a planned study.

The ideal would not only be to build an inventory of available databases, but to develop a checklist of data fields that would enable each listed database to be described/characterised in such as way as to provide some insight into their relative strengths and weaknesses.

The group is currently working on two checklists:

  • An optimum checklist that an “ideal” database would contain
    A minimum criteria checklist that highlights the core basic information necessary for a database to be used for meaningful research purposes.

Working Group Documents