Research Review Committee

In 2014, REG launched its first Research Pinboard as a way to formalising the process for identifying and prioritising real-life research needs and allocating (and sourcing) funding, as appropriate.

Research ideas were invited from all REG collaborators and were then anonymously reviewed by the REG Research Review Committee and prioritised by each committee member.

Those study ideas that (collectively) ranked highest following the review were shortlisted for REG funding, or support from the REG team to identify an alternative source of funding, as
appropriate. The shortlisted studies can be seen here…

Meetings, The Research Review Committee met in Rotterdam to reflect on the 2014 process – to discuss what had worked well; what had worked less well, and to identify opportunities to enhance the
process for the future.


The committee were reassured by the concordance of the committee members’ study piroritisation in 2014.

Opportunities for improvements

A number of opportunities for future improvement were identified, primarily:

  • Proposal template: Development of a template and sample research proposal to standardise the style of proposals submitted (in 2014 these varied from 1 paragraph to 20 pages)
  • To include a comment field for the committee members to feedback the nature of any uncertainty they have in relation to submitted proposals, e.g. uncertain due to: “ lack of detail
    vs “flawed methodology”
  • To arrange a committee meeting once scores are collated to re-assess the top 15 research ideas with a view to ensuring variation in research topics in the highest ranking research ideas.

The 2015 REG Research pinboard will open in the late Spring, after final decisions on funding of 2014 proposals have been