Small Airways Working Group

Small Airways Study Group

Small Airways Study Group


  • Richard Martin – Lead
  • David Price
  • Alberto Papi
  • Elliot Israel
  • Theresa Guilbert
  • Nicolas Roche
  • Willem (Wim) van Aalderen
  • Jonathan Grigg
  • Gene Colice
  • Wanda Phipatanakul
  • Akki Niimi
  • Alan Kaplan
  • Caroline Gouder
  • Emilio Pizzichini
  • Hironori Sagara
  • Omar Usmani


The most recent meeting of the Small Airways Group took place in Amsterdam during the REG Summit 2018

Small Airways Group REG 2018

Work Plan

The Small Airways Study Group (SASG), led by Dr Richard Martin (National Jewish Health), was first established 7 years ago to explore the implications of targeting the small airways on the management of obstructive lung disease. The initial focus of the group was extra-fine hydrofluoroalkane beclomethasone propionate (EF HFABDP), but the scope has since been expanded to consider the treatment of small airways, in general, and all small particle respiratory therapies. With its current focus on academic studies, and the important role that real-life studies play in answering the questions at the heart of the group, the SASG has now moved to sit under REG as one of our key working groups.



Seeking Funding

Active Studies

Completed Studies



The SASG already has a number of publications to its name considering the comparative effectiveness and comparative cost-effectiveness of extrafine vs standard particle ICS:

  • Prescribing practices and asthma control with HFA-BDP and FP: a realworld observational study (JACI 2010;126:511-518. Price D, et al).
  • Asthma control with EF-particle HFABDP vs. large-particle CFC-BDP: a realworld observational study (Exp Allergy 2011;41:1521-1532. Barnes N, et al)
  • Asthma outcomes and costs of therapy with EF BDP and FP (JACI 2013;132:45-54. Colice G et al)
  • Real-life comparison of BDP as an EF- or larger-particle formulation for asthma (Respir Med 2013;107: 987-1000 Price D et al)
  • Comparing the effectiveness of small particle versus large-particle ICS in COPD (Internat J COPD, 2014 Postma D, et al)
  • Cost-effectiveness of initiating EF- or standard size-particle ICS for asthma in two health-care systems: retrospective matched cohort study. (Primary Care Respiratory Medicine, 2014, Martin RJ, et al)

The group also have a number of additional papers in preparation looking at the role of particle size on ICS outcomes in paediatrics, smokers and as an alternative to fixed-dose ICS/LABA combination therapy (and associated cost effectiveness).

Working Group Documents

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