Technologies Working Group


  • John Blakey – Lead
  • Andrew McIvor
  • Dermot Ryan
  • Alexandra Dima
  • Karen Ward
  • Eric van Ganse
  • Jerry Krishnan
  • Niels Chavannes
  • Richard Costello
  • Ronald Dandurand
  • Todor Popov


The Technologies Working Group held its first face-to-face meeting at the time of ERS in Amsterdam in September 2015.

Work Plan

The objectives of the Technologies Working Group are to:

  • Explore generic questions associated with technology-based solutions (devices, apps, web platforms) for chronic respiratory conditions, including (but not limited to) obstructive lung diseases, i.e. asthma and COPD., including (but not exhaustively):
    • Demand / user need
    • Usability
    • Effectiveness
    • Impact
    • Storage
    • Standardised, optimised development
  • Work collaboratively with other REG working groups to support research activities with specific technology-based components (e.g. evaluation of the comparative effectiveness of devices X and Y for condition Z)
  • Curate and publish information on the current knowledge & evidence available on technology-based solutions for chronic respiratory conditions
  • Identify unmet research needs in relation to technology-based solutions for chronic respiratory conditions
  • Work with aligned multi-disciplinary groups to share and develop knowledge for optimising the utility and ethical use of technology-based solutions for chronic respiratory conditions and related data
  • Provide guidance, in collaboration with wider REG working groups, on opportunities to optimise the research utility of data sets enabled by technology-based solutions (e.g. warehousing, storage, coding, anonymisation).


Working Group Documents